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You're the founder of an Australian-based growth-stage startup, thinking...

  • Investors don't understand our value."
  • We’re trapped in our competitors’ market."
  • It's tough attracting customers."
  • We're ready to scale, but not sure how."
  • We're improving our product, but need customers."
  • Our competitors are doing an amazing job."
  • We don't know how to show our value."
  • Why doesn't every customer want this!?"
  • It’s hard to identify our real strengths."

Can you imagine how it will feel to have new customers lining up to explore your product? 

How would your life be different if you were attracting more customers than ever before?

What if you could empower your customers to become brand ambassadors and attract investors?

Welcome to

The U.S. Market Access Program accelerates the speed, and decreases the cost and risks of accessing American Markets

Prepare for Market Leadership

Here is what you will experience.



Learn how far you can grow.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

to Compete in the American Market


The Power to Launch

a Leadership Position


American Culture & Disruption

for Market Leadership


The Model for Scaling

from Regional to Global


Business Model Frameworks

to Reduce Costs & Improve Quality


Measure Your Markets

in order to own them


People, Profit, Planet

Measuring Triple Bottom Line Impact.


Transforming Sales

to Build Market Leadership


Build a Value Proposition

to Transform audiences into Buyers


Commercialization for Product Innovation

and Accelerated Growth


Your Customer Touch Points

to Transform Audiences into Customers


Become a Master Storyteller 

to Build Leadership


Create a Marketing Mix  

for Customer Connection


Beyond Google: 

Competitive Intelligence Gathering


Meeting and Engaging

with Your Ideal Customer


Mapping Your Strategy 

for Growth at Scale


Building Assets & Creating 

a Positive Workplace Culture


Creating a Magnet  

for Customer Attraction


Mastering the Elevator Pitch 

in Four Floors


Rust = Risk 

Presenting for Impact


Building Perceived Value 

Presenting for Impact


Master Your Story 

Rehearsed Presentation


Rehearse for the Stage 

Final Dress Rehearsal


Pitch to a Global Audience 

Judge's Award

Here Are The Specifics

Guided Projects

26 live virtual project lessons

Live Instruction

17 live feedback sessions, guided by Tom White


Learn U.S. finance basics and how to build value

Master the Pitch

You will learn to be a master presenter


Learn your impact, stage of leadership, and more


Upon completion of the program

The Pitch Event

A global audience gives a professional response.

The Market

Your presentation will be visible to investors globally


Your presentations will be promoted socially

Irresistible, First-to-Market Clients Include:

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Tom:
not only because of his truly personable nature, but also because he would constantly share his wisdom gathered across a cross disciplinary career, all with a patient demeanor.

His aptitude to truly listen to people and understand their needs, combined with a passion for translating any messages into compelling, understandable stories not only makes him unique in the design field, but also eliminates any sense of traditional selling. These qualities make him a great executive in a variety of creative fields."

- Ingvald Smith-Kielland
Director, Product and Service Design, Optum 

"Tom is a creative and energetic sales promotion professional - the best I have worked with over a 33 year career in Aerospace. He generates innovative approaches that are very effective in communicating key messages and in attracting further interest. Highly recommended."

- Tom Burbage
Former CEO, Lockheed-Martin Aeronautics

When you add up the value of this program, it comes to $10,000 to deliver a market leadership & pitch program for American markets. 

Some accelerators take equity to offset this cost. We don't. This program is offered exclusively through The Logan City Council and the coLab Growth Hub.

The Transformation program is delivered live by the team from our partner The Network for Global Innovation, who have enabled thousands of entrepreneurs and dozens of Fortune 500 companies to attract billions in revenues and investment.

We're taking a very limited number of participants and enrollment is by application only.

Apply now if you're ready to realize new value, attract audiences in new markets, and fuel customer growth.

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As the grand prize for the winner of the Pitch Day competition, one participating company will win of tickets to the San Francisco offices of Trade & Investment Queensland to begin discussions and introductions to create markets in America.

Is The U.S. Market Access Program right for you?

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Can’t we just outsource this to a marketing team?

The leader of the team needs to understand the path to growth to share it with the organization.

Which one of our team should participate?  

The founder or founding team member primarily responsible for growth. 

Will this help us achieve our goals?

Yes. Larger contracts? More customers? Investment? Prepare to achieve your most ambitious goals.

How is this different than other incubators?

Our focus is on transforming your company from a competitor to a market leader in domestic and international markets.

How will we learn the material?

Weekly live lessons, exercises, presentations, and assignments prepare your pitch, including the step-by-step templates, methods, models and strategies disruptors use to own markets. 

What inside secrets will we learn?

You’ll discover the process for establishing a leadership position and learn how creating customer communities will elevate your business performance.

How much time will this require?

You’ll need to commit up to eight hours each week. You’ll participate in 17 sessions, present 10 assignments, rehearse in three workshops as you prepare to make your most effective company pitch ever on pitch day.

What is Pitch Day like?

Pitch Day is a virtual social media showcase. The participating cohort will present their company to a global audience.

Do we have to complete the program to win the trip?

Yes, you must complete all steps of the program, including Pitch Day, to be eligible for the trip to San Francisco to meet with Trade and Investment in Queensland (TIQ).

What support will we receive?

During each session, you will participate in an interactive lesson. You'll also receive live feedback on your weekly assignments from your instructor and from your cohort colleagues. 

Is there 1-on-1 access available?

Yes. Coaching hours will be made available once enrolled.

Will we have access to investors?

Yes. Upon completion, your new video will be accessible to a network of investors, incubators, and strategic partners globally.

How many companies will be in the cohort?

The first cohort will have up to 10 companies.

How will this change our world view?

You will learn how to sell into new cultures of the world's most demanding markets with a new ability to solve the most pressing challenges facing your customers. 

Meet Your Instructors

The NGIN team has developed high-impact programming used by Fortune 500 companies and global entrepreneurs to improve their market performanceThe NGIN team is comprised solely of experienced, successful entrepreneurs that are experts in their respective disciplines.  

Meet the NGIN U.S. Market Access Program team!

Tom White

Instructor and USMAP

Tom White is an entrepreneur and educator, an award-winning Industrial Designer and Storyteller who fueled a trillion-dollar business pipeline by transforming technology companies into global market leaders.

Tom oversaw the transformation of near-bankrupt Lockheed into market leader Lockheed-Martin, the world’s largest defense contractor.

He also attracted $1B to launch the Iridium satellite network, established market dominance for Motorola Europe, and transformed bankrupt DAF Trucks into the fastest growing transport brand in the European market.  

Tom has enabled start-up companies to attract more $500M in revenues and investment.

He is a professor of Business and Economics, Marketing, and Triple Bottom Line Impact at The ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California, and professor of Leadership, Design Thinking and Storytelling at the International Business School, Brazil.

Tom is the Chief Revenue Officer at the Network for Global Innovation (NGIN). He received his MBA from Pepperdine University and as an undergraduate was awarded the highest honor from The Industrial Design Society of America. Tom has been recognized with top communication awards across media, cultures and industries. Tom lives in Los Angeles, California.

Brad Twynham

USMAP Co-moderator

Brad Twynham is a Leadership Speaker, Trainer and Mentor as well as an Investor/Board Director with over 25 years working and consulting in the areas of Enterprise Technology adoption and enterprise operating model transformation, neural networks, block chain and artificial intelligence.

He has founded and successfully exited three technology companies and has advised senior executives on significant technology transformation initiatives around the world for organizations such as Singtel, Swisscom, Union Bank of Switzerland, Visa, Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Allianz. He has raised in excess of $US100M to fund technology start-ups and built companies that have delivered billions of dollars of value to their customers and stakeholders.

After several years living in Los Angeles, Brad now runs a Global Consulting Practice focussed on Leadership for Corporate Innovators and Entrepreneurs, is a key advisor to the Australian Federal Government in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Technology and Incubators and delivers training programs he has developed on adaptable leadership and exponential growth.

Brad now resides on the Central Coast of NSW where he can be seen regularly kitesurfing and spending time raising three future Jedi’s.

Paulo de Rezende

Finance & Investment Basics

Mr. De Rezende is a Vice President at the Network for Global Innovation (NGIN).

Paulo has 20 years of investing experience, both in Venture Capital and Private Equity. As an early stage venture capitalist in California, he invested in and advised over 30 portfolio companies across 3 funds totaling $130 million under management, securing successful exits at DivX (IPO at Nasdaq) and NevenVision (sold to Google).

In his native Brazil, Paulo developed the investment thesis, solicited investors and raised US$225 million for a growth equity fund targeted at the Brazilian energy industry.

Mr. De Rezende is editor and co-author of the textbook “Introduction to Private Equity & Venture Capital for Entrepreneurs” developed in partnership with the Research Center of Private Equity and Venture Capital at the Getulio Vargas Foundation, sponsored by the Brazilian Federal government.  The textbook was developed to train a new generation of angel investors and early stage tech entrepreneurs in Brazil.

He holds a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management


"Tom White is a visionary leader and a charismatic story teller with whom I had great pleasure working on numerous client programs and business engagements as well as establishment of internal capabilities. An avant-garde communicator, he has an uncanny ability to listen and comprehend client needs to get to the heart of their problems, craft business programs and succinctly articulate the value of the solutions which transcend traditional strategy, design, marketing and engineering domains. 

With wide-spread experience in both corporations and consultancies, Tom inspired and fostered an enriched level of client collaboration as well as big-picture thinking in the team through an intelligent intermix of his business savvy leadership and global creative outlook. Tom radiates a positive influence and confident demeanor even in the most challenging situations, carries a very balanced temperament and is a passionate practitioner of story-telling, making him one of the finest facilitators of client sessions and presentations I have worked with. He inspired, challenged and coached me on numerous occasions and is a first rate mentor who will have a lasting cloud of influence on me! Tom’s rare traits make him an indispensable asset to any firm and I recommend him strongly. "

- Harnish Jani
Innovation & Product Executive | Venture CEO & CDO
Digital Transformation Practitioner | Investor

"Tom has an amazing personality and is the best “Story teller” you can find in the industry.

He can take a business model and transform it into a gripping narrative that can capture the imagination of any audience. I have had the greatest privilege of being mentored by Tom in the art of articulating your business model with a story. Tom’s guidance has helped several startups at LACI find product-market fit for their brands and pitch their story confidently to investors."

- ​​Sanjay Poojary

Don’t let another day go by before you commit to the next level of growth that will propel your business. 

In December, participants will present their company as a powerful attractor to global audiences.  

If you’re ready to build market leadership, the U.S. Market Access Program is designed for you.

Limited spaces are available for the next cohort, launching in [TBD].