Stop competing in someone else's market. Start leading your own...

- in just 15 weeks!

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You've likely been thinking...

  • Investors can't see our value like we do.
  • We’re trapped in our competitors’ markets.
  • We're still having trouble attracting customers.
  • We’re not growing as fast as we need to.
  • We forget about our product when we focus on customers .
  • Our competitor is doing an amazing job.
  • It is frustrating to try to show our value to investors.
  • We need a growth culture.
  • We have an amazing product, but we need more buyers.
  • Why doesn't every customer want this!
  • It’s hard to identify what we’re really good at.

Can you imagine how it would feel to have new customers waiting to buy your product? 

How would your presentation to investors be different if you were attracting more customers than ever before?

What if you could empower your customers to become repeat buyers?

Welcome to

Transform your company into a magnet for customer attraction.

Prepare for Market Leadership!

In just 15 weeks you will:


Assess Your Irresistibility 

to see how far you can grow.


Prepare to Make Impact

to illustrate your value.


Set your Strategic Compass

to create a roadmap for growth.


Meet Your Ideal Customer

in order to attract them.


Eliminate Your Competition

to seize new markets.


Quantify Your Markets

in order to own them.


Build Your Customer Path

to transform audiences into buyers.


Attract New Customers

to create new markets you can own.


Build a Loyal Following 

because customers attract.


Measure Your Impact  

to improve your value.


Master Your Story 

to reveal your unseen value.


Increase Your Perceived Value 

with insider pitch secrets.


Present Your Irresistible Company 

for professional feedback.


Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse  

to prepare for the global stage.



to connect with a global audience.

Here Are The Specifics

Guided Projects

15 project exercises - one for each section.

Live Instruction

15 live sessions, guided by Tom White.

Insight Quizzes

Clarifiers so you can share concepts with your team.

Present Weekly

You will present your projects for live feedback.


Learn your impact, stage of leadership, and more.


Signaling your completion of the Accelerator.

The Pitch Event

A global audience gives professional feedback.

The Market

Your presentation will be visible to investors globally.


Your presentations will be promoted socially.

Irresistible, First-to-Market Clients Include:

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Tom:
not only because of his truly personable nature, but also because he would constantly share his wisdom gathered across a cross disciplinary career, all with a patient demeanor.

His aptitude to truly listen to people and understand their needs, combined with a passion for translating any messages into compelling, understandable stories not only makes him unique in the design field, but also eliminates any sense of traditional selling. These qualities make him a great executive in a variety of creative fields."

- Ingvald Smith-Kielland
Director, Product and Service Design, Optum 

"Tom is a creative and energetic sales promotion professional - the best I have worked with over a 33 year career in Aerospace. He generates innovative approaches that are very effective in communicating key messages and in attracting further interest. Highly recommended."

- Tom Burbage
Former CEO, Lockheed-Martin Aeronautics

When you add up the value of this program, it comes to $10,000 to deliver a market leadership & pitch program. 

Some accelerators take equity to offset this cost. We don't.

We're making The Accelerator extremely affordable at just $2,000 for this round!

That's right - this first round is being delivered live by Tom White. We're taking a very limited number of participants and enrollment is by application only.

In just 15 weeks you will create a customized strategic blueprint to fuel customer growth and present your new value to the world.

Is The Market Leadership Accelerator right for you?

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Can’t we just outsource this?

The leader of the team needs to understand the path in order to share it with your capable team.

Which one of our team should participate?  

The founder, co-founder, or founding team member primarily responsible for growth. 

Will this help us achieve our goals?

Yes. Larger contracts? More customers? Investment? Prepare to achieve your most ambitious goals.

How is this different than other incubators?

Our focus is on transforming your company from a competitor to a market leader.

How will we learn the material?

Weekly animated lessons, exercises, presentations, and quizzes to prepare your pitch, including the step-by-step templates, methods, models and strategies disruptors use to own markets. 

What inside secrets will we learn?

You’ll learn what disruptors know that build customer communities and create leadership.

How much time will this require? Why is it a 15-week program?

You’ll need to commit to eight hours per week. You’ll complete 12 assignments in 12 weeks, followed by a two week workshop and pitch day.

What is Pitch Day like?

Pitch Day is a social media showcase of the world’s greatest business storytellers to a global audience.

Do we have to complete the Accelerator to present to investors?

Yes. Once you complete the lessons and assignments you will prepare your pitch.

What support will we receive?

You will receive feedback on your weekly assignments from Tom and your cohort colleagues. 

Is there 1-on-1 access available?

Yes. Coaching hours with Tom are available for purchase once enrolled.

Will we have access to investors?

Yes. Upon completion, your new video will be visible in the The Cleantech Accelerator Marketplace.

How many companies will be in the cohort?

The first cohort will have up to 10 companies.

How will this change our world view?

You will learn how to sell into the world's most demanding markets with a new ability to solve the most pressing challenges in your customers’ daily lives. 

Hello, I'm Tom White.

I have fueled a trillion dollar business pipeline by transforming technology companies into market leaders.

I teach entrepreneurial and corporate innovators how to become the market leaders that customers can't resist.

I've packed this know-how into The Market Leadership Accelerator.

If you're ready to grow your company by winning larger contracts, attracting more customers, or creating interest among investors, you're in the right place.

Welcome! I look forward to meeting you.

- Tom

Our Clients Love Tom

"Tom White is a visionary leader and a charismatic story teller with whom I had great pleasure working on numerous client programs and business engagements as well as establishment of internal capabilities. An avant-garde communicator, he has an uncanny ability to listen and comprehend client needs to get to the heart of their problems, craft business programs and succinctly articulate the value of the solutions which transcend traditional strategy, design, marketing and engineering domains. 

With wide-spread experience in both corporations and consultancies, Tom inspired and fostered an enriched level of client collaboration as well as big-picture thinking in the team through an intelligent intermix of his business savvy leadership and global creative outlook. Tom radiates a positive influence and confident demeanor even in the most challenging situations, carries a very balanced temperament and is a passionate practitioner of story-telling, making him one of the finest facilitators of client sessions and presentations I have worked with. He inspired, challenged and coached me on numerous occasions and is a first rate mentor who will have a lasting cloud of influence on me! Tom’s rare traits make him an indispensable asset to any firm and I recommend him strongly. "

- Harnish Jani
Innovation & Product Executive | Venture CEO & CDO
Digital Transformation Practitioner | Investor

"Tom has an amazing personality and is the best “Story teller” you can find in the industry.

He can take a business model and transform it into a gripping narrative that can capture the imagination of any audience. I have had the greatest privilege of being mentored by Tom in the art of articulating your business model with a story. Tom’s guidance has helped several startups at LACI find product-market fit for their brands and pitch their story confidently to investors."

- ​​Sanjay Poojary

Don’t let another day go by before you commit to building the leadership position that will grow your business. 

In 15 weeks, you will be presenting a powerful audience attractor to build market momentum and generate the impact you seek.  

If you’re generating revenues and ready to grow new audiences and build and market ownership, The Market Leadership Accelerator is designed for you.

The next cohort starts on May 8, 2022. Limited spaces available in this cohort.

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